Pavilion Parade

by John Meed

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Pavilion Parade is John Meed's fourth album, and features collaborations with producers Miguel Moreno, Rhys Wilson and Tom Gaskell, as well as an array of Cambridge musicians.


released October 15, 2011


all rights reserved



John Meed Cambridge

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Track Name: Na Zdorovye
Those endless skies
Those Volga cries
Will pass you by today
This city night
This marble light
Will seem so far away
Na zdorovye, na zdorovye, here's to you, na zdorovye
Na zdorovye, na zdorovye, here's to you, na zdorovye

No woman's sigh
No friendship tie
Will let you bide one more day
Na zdorovye, na zdorovye, here's to you, na zdorovye
Na zdorovye, na zdorovye, here's to you, na zdorovye
Track Name: Doubt
I could have been a revolutionary
I knew my friends the enemy
I could have set the wheels in motion
I read the books, I shouted out the slogans
But doubt, doubt, you crept up on me
Doubt, doubt, you enveloped me
Doubt, doubt, you were always near, doubt, doubt

I could have been a pop star
I wrote the songs and I played them on my guitar
I sang of joy, I sang of sorrow
On my way down to the crossroads
But doubt, doubt you knew where to find me
Doubt, doubt you were the one to sign me
Doubt, doubt, between the cocaine and the wine, doubt, doubt

And you, with all you confidence
How I envy you your certainty
But where were you when I called to you
From my personal Gethsemane?

I could have been a champagne socialist
I had the smile, I had the looks for it
I was young, I was able
I even bought myself the coffee table
But doubt, doubt you shed another light
Doubt, doubt maybe you were right
Doubt, doubt, be my friend tonight, doubt, doubt
Track Name: Revolving drum
Visions of domestic bliss
Must they all come down to this
Comet or John Lewis
Indesit or Bosch
Football games on dead-end streets
City suits ad party pleats
Nights between white satin sheets
All end in the wash

Round and round and round and round
Inside out and upside down
Lightly soiled we spin around
Our revolving drum

Keep the colours from the whites
Choose the cycle that’s right
Right-wing think tanks must delight
In wash care instructions
Woe betide the laundry maid
Who would let her colours fade
Crumpled shirts and beds unmade
Line the road to destruction

Once upon another time
Monday was washing time
Women by the river side
Scrubbed the stains away
Now we’re all electrified
Brains bleached by the sun and tide
Conditioned, tumble-dried
Is this us today?
Track Name: Pavilion Parade
Through the many-coloured lanes
Of a cold November noon
Where just one pier remains
They say the snow is coming soon
Amidst the postcards of despair
From this double-dip decade
There is something in the air
Of Pavilion Parade

Home-made posters on the walls
So many smiling faces
Texts of solidarity and calls
From so many far-off places
Police may batter down the door
Liberals throw their promises away
But in here there’s so much more
Pavilion Parade

You who gamble with the age
You who cannot keep your word
You may strut your hour upon the stage
But soon you’ll be heard no more
You cut everything that grows
For your bonfire of disdain
But you can’t put out the hope
Of Pavilion Parade
Track Name: Running
And when the fever breaks
When your body aches
When every last mistake you see
When the spirit bends
When the crying ends
When it all depends on me
I go running out of dreams
Running out of hope
Running out of steam
Running out of wind
Running out of sail
Running out of sea
Running after you
Running after me

And when the cupboard’s bare
When there’s nothing there
When you’ve had your share and more
I go running out of faith
Running out of time
Running out of space
Running out of love
Running out of grace
Running out of truth
Running after me
Running after you

And now the sands are running short
We shiver out on breaking point
With all the blankets that we brought
It’s still the beach of last resort
Track Name: Montsegur
We came from a land of the sun
We spoke a southern tongue
And in a time of fear and oppression
We searched for perfection
Every now and then comes an age
When the winds of change
Blow away the fogs of deception
To give a glimpse of perfection
From the crags of Montsegur
We questioned all we saw
All the dreams of gold
And the stories we sold

Question the morals of the age
Question the wars they wage
Question their god who made this life a prison
So far from perfection
And all that we believed
They called it heresy
Popes and princes, priests of perdition
Put an end to perfection
From the crags of Montsegur
We saw the men of war
Through the crops and the children they came
So many put to the flame

We come from a land long ago
Our tongue no longer known
And the walls where we died for perfection
A tourist attraction
Track Name: The trailer of life
In these troubled times I fid each week a little harder
So my mates and I go out drinking on a Friday night
A skinful of beer leaves you feeling the hunger
We head on down to the market square and the Trailer of Life
The Trailer of Life, the Trailer of Life
Down the market square to the Trailer of Life

There’s a girl we meet most weeks by the trailer
She says she doesn’t go out much any other night
She spends her time just reading and praying
She says she feels out of place on the Trailer of Life
The Trailer of Life, the Trailer of Life
She feels out of place on the Trailer of Life

Strange cries in the evening air
We found her crumpled among the bins outside Trinity College
The ambulance man said it’s one more cry of despair
Too many pills in a town with too much knowledge

One of these dark nights you too may find yourself falling
You hope that you won’t but you know that you might
If it happens to you I hope somebody hears you calling
Helps you get back on the Trailer of Life
The Trailer of Life, the Trailer of Life
I hope you get what you need from the Trailer of Life
Track Name: Robin Hood's Bay
I would rather be wrong
Than always fear the worst
Sing an honest song
Not a liar’s verse
And if I called you
Would you show me the way
Through the cliff top trails
To Robin Hood’s Bay

Would you take from the rich
What belongs to the poor?
Would you share the spoils
As they wash up on the shore?
And would you guide the exiles
Through the rocks and the waves
To where the boats await
On Robin Hood’s Bay

And when your just deserts
End up on someone else’s tray
And when everything hurts
Would you walk out through the spray?
Watch your last defences just wash away

Evening comes
And in comes the tide
Eating away
At the mountain side
Wash away the heartache, wash away the doubt
Wash away the day
Wash away the light
The light that shines on Robin Hood’s Bay
Track Name: This house
This house is getting tired and old
The floorboards creek when you take your night time stroll
But this house stores the memories in its soul
This house gives you shelter from the summer rain
This house keeps you warm when winter comes again
This house is our house

This house is small and tucked away
There ain’t much room for friends when they come to stay
But this house makes them welcome anyway
This house takes the tiredness, soothes it all away
This house takes the sadness, so you can smile again
This house is our house

Even though the rooms are small
And it’s hard to hang things on the wall
I just love the fading beauty of it all

This house takes tomorrow so you live for today
This house takes the random heartaches away
This house is our house
Track Name: (Don't) Blame it on Belper
Here I am on my own again
Singing songs in a basement bar
All the songs that I wrote for you
On my broken-necked guitar
Hear the beat as my body clock ticks
One more year of party tricks
I thought I’d make 26 with you

Blame it on this northern rain
Blame it on this cross-country train
All of the things that you can’t explain
Blame it on my walking shoes
Blame it on these milltown blues
But don’t blame it on Belper
Don’t you blame it on Belper
Please don’t blame it on Belper
Or blame it on me

I go from town to town
Cotton towns and woollen towns
Millstone dreams can tie you down
Or they can set you free
I think I misunderstood
I thought I knew where I stood
I thought you were here for good with me
Track Name: No greater love
There are times of passion and release
When the tide of love just blows me away
There are times of quietness and peace
When no words I have to say
No greater love than this
No greater love than this
No man can know no greater love than this

There are times I’ve hurt you I know
When all the wrong words I have chosen
There are times between the sunshine and the snow
When everything seems frozen

Dinner in Florence
Breakfast in Paris
Lunch in London
Back home for tea
Build a life on second chances
Present, past and future tenses
And no pretence for me

No greater love than this
No greater love than this
No man can know no greater love than this

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